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Begin at the Beginning

Hi kids!

Let’s begin with the beginning of this blog.  So I initially set up this blog with no real direction.  Just a hodgepodge of a life spiraling towards the big 3-0.  I left it to languish while I worked all day and lazily ignored it when I was home to drink wine and watch TV.  I would half write blog posts, but never post them.  I had all these big ideas that were half done.  My book remained totally incomplete.  I hated my job, but I wouldn’t  do anything about it so my career remained totally stagnant.  I was as heavy as ever and doing nothing about it.  I was for lack of a more poetic way to say it, being super lame and a little bit depressed.

And then something pretty, PRETTAY HUGE HAPPENED!

My response was to scream and cry and grab the ring immediately like a crazy person. Obviously.
My response was to scream and cry and grab the ring immediately like a crazy person. Obviously.

(Thank God, right?  For a second you were all like, gee this is a downer.)

Suddenly, I have a wedding to plan, and I really great timeline for losing all the extra weight I gained in the last few years when I was in my major funk. (Please refer to my about page to see the need for the weight loss.)  I will be sharing all the fun and not so fun things about wedding planning in future posts.   I will say our date is October 19, 2013, and it was a STRUGGLE to get the date.

I committed myself to my health by joining up with Weight Watchers online again.  I have tried a lot of different things, and the only thing that ever seems to work for me is Weight Watchers.  Well, WW or the law school diet.  The law school diet is also known as smoking a bunch of cigarettes, drinking coffee and red bulls, not eating very much, and succumbing to ridiculous stress so it is something no one should do ever.  I am one of those people who as soon as you tell me I cannot have something I only want that.  No bread? I can’t live without bread!!!!  No meat? Never! No Sugar? Not unless you pry it from my cold, dead hands.  WW preaches healthy living and moderation, and it does not try to take my wine and beer away, which is a major No No.   I am going to update how it’s going monthly for now, and maybe weekly if it helps me.  This blog is such a selfish endeavor.

I also made myself a steady date with Shaun T and his insanity dvds.  I will also update how this is going over the 60 days. FYI, I am about to be done with month 1 so get excited for some Shaun T reviewing in your future.

This is not a joke. via
This is not a joke. via

And I signed myself up for my second half marathon.  Woot!  It is the Unite Half Marathon at Rutgers University.  I actually “ran” this half last year with my sister in law.  I signed up, started training and blew it off more often than not.  My sister in law basically dragged me across the finish line.  This time though I am serious, and my goal is a sub 2:30, preferably 2:15 time.  We will see.  I am following Hal Hingdon’s Novice Plan, and I bought new pair of my trusty Brooks Glycerin 10s.  I will let you know how the training is going.  I am hoping this keeps me honest.

And I finally took a giant leap with no parachute career wise, and I opened up my own law firm.  It is just me right now though I share office space with other attorneys, including one of my best friends who is also an amazing mentor.  It is all horrifyingly scary, and I resist the urge to send out resumes every other day because I am worried about being able keep Major in the lifestyle to which he has become accustomed (eating and having a house, essentially)

Wish me luck!  And I hope people come around to see how I am doing!

I hope this is right, because I clearly do not have a career in photography to fall back on.
I hope this is right, because I clearly do not have a career in photography to fall back on.

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