Said “Yes” to the Dress despite my Best Efforts

I feel like I have really been kicking butt at this wedding planning stuff so far.  After our engagement, I looked at two venues and then Sandy hit us hard.  Some of the venues we were considering were destroyed.  Afterward, we were very behind in planning.   I was actually straight up scolded by a venue for not calling a year before our wedding when we had no power.  (They actually had the audacity to call back and ask why I didn’t want to work with them. Seriously?)  But after the initial hiccup, we picked up at a pretty fast clip.  Venue, church, band. Check. Check. Check.  But I was veeeeeeeery nervous about the dress.

As you know, I am not super happy about my weight. (Understatement.)  I was hoping to not have to try on dresses until I was super comfortable, but turns out because of the months it takes to get the dress, I had no choice.  A few of my friends had gotten their dresses at Kleinfeld so my lovely bridesmaid, Kate made my appointment and we planned a trip.


Yes, Kleinfeld is the Say Yes to the Dress store.  I had kind of an idea of what I liked, but no idea what might fit my body so I thought the Kleinfeld consultants would be helpful.  I knew it would be pricey, and I expected them to be a little pushy.  I had about a month before my appointment.  I worked out.  I weight watchered.  I lost 7.2 lbs from  January until the appointment on February 10.  Not enough, but helpful.  I watched a couple episodes of the show to prepare myself for the sale.  I told my mom and my friends that I was definitely not buying there and this was just a first look mission.  So I gathered my mom, my Aunt Sue (who loooooves the show), my sister in law/ matron of honor, Stacey, and two of my bridesmaids, Kate and Shannon, and off we went.

My sister in law, Stacey, my Aunt Sue, and my mom
Stacey, my Aunt Sue, and my mom

We arrived at Kleinfeld, and I immediately saw the TLC cameras.  Between the cameras and just the size of the shop, I was intimidated and nervous.  Why? I don’t really know.  I was worried that none of the samples would fit.  I was incredibly nervous about the budget. (My mom and I discussed it.  She was comfortable with it, but the whole cost of weddings is entirely too much and makes me want to cry.)  We waited in the lobby as all the other groups met their consultants.  Finally, Dianne from the show walked out and called my name.  My Aunt Sue jumped up and exclaimed that she was such a big fan.  Dianne had us all laughing right away.  Walked us around to a big lounge area with a pedestal and mirrors in the center so the rest of my group would be in the background of filming and could watch a girl actually “say yes.”  Thank God, they didn’t film me. It was awkward.  I showed Dianne the lace gowns I liked.  She basically said, “okay, I see you in something else, but let’s try these first.”  This actually meant, “No, no. You are wrong, but I will let you see you are wrong, and then, do what I want.”

Some of the dresses I went in liking via









So I tried on about 7 dresses in various lace styles.  I only liked the first dress above because it had a real corset and some serious “Wow” factor.  The rest were hideous.  I looked fat and plain.  Not a goal for the wedding day. for half of them, I didn’t even leave the dressing room. Finally, Dianne said, “Okay, you like the corset.  The dress I want to put you in has one.  Let’s try it.”  She pulled it off the mannequin.  Everyone already liked it before it was even on.  She put it on, and I was loving it.  And I was in the dressing room as she was lacing me up, thinking, “Oh my God, this is it,” and “No, it can’t be.  I wasn’t going to buy here.  Don’t buy in. But I want this, this is the one I know it.”  I walked out to show my friends and family, and it was clearly the one.  There were chills.  There were tears.  They put the veil on me, and it was all over.  The dress was exclusive to Kleinfeld so there was no shopping around.  It was right in our budget because there was a trunk show thank Goodness.  The designer was Pnina Tornai, who is the designer most featured on the show.  The rep for her company came over, we worked out the discounts, and it was mine.  We did go over budget because of the veil, but Dianne even swung a discount on that for us.  The measurement process was a little bit rough just because the size of the dress they order will hurt your soul, even though you know it isn’t your street size.  I also have one of the largest bust lines Pnina Tornai seems to plan for which is not that impressive because I am not quite that large up top, but whatever.  I was warned about that.  I am sure we will need ridiculous amounts of alterations, but oh well.

Bridesmaids, Consultant Dianne, and the only peak at my dress you will get

Bridesmaids, Consultant Dianne, and the only peak at my dress you will get

     Overall, it was an amazing experience, but surprisingly emotional.  This was the first time I realized, “Wow, this is real.  We are getting married.”  It may sound dumb, but my fiance said the same thing.  When I texted him I had my dress, he said it was like a shot in the stomach.  Not bad, just holy crap, we’re doing this wedding thing.  It was a wonderful experience that we toasted later at brunch.  I can’t say thank you enough to my bridesmaid Kate who scheduled the appointment.  I am so glad everyone was there to share it with me.  And honestly, I can’t say enough good things about Kleinfeld and Dianne.  It was wonderful.  Now I can’t wait for my dress.  Hopefully, by July or August when my dress comes in I will be just about at my goal weight, and I can love this dress even more.

My whole wonderful group and the big white spot where I am hidden
My whole wonderful group and the big white spot where I am hidden