Lunchtime Links!

Almost wasn’t going to be available to post these, but the Judge gave us a continuance at my trial which I have been up for since 4:30 a.m. EST.  Since I was high pressure all morning, I think these links will be especially fun, brain candy…

  • Typical Day of a Teenaged Girl in the 90s – So I was only a teenaged girl for a few years in the 90s, but this is scarily spot on buzzfeed
  • The Oscars are happening at some point soon, right? Here is a list of some great movies that were not nominated for Best Picture.  No Some Like it Hot or Princess Bride?!!?!? GFY, Academy
  • It’s Ash Wednesday so here’s a throwback post with recipes for Lent yumsugar
  • Here’s a video of a puppy because like I said, it’s been a long one, and it is only lunch.  Youtube

Want to forget the world for awhile? Gotta go with Kid Lit that adults love, too! Who else but Harry?  Download the Complete Harry Potter series and hold your calls.


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