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Ten Pounds Down!!! The Recap

Sorry for the lag in posting!  Trials and real life are annoying!  However, during the real life lack of posting, I hit my first major milestone in my weight loss.

TEN POUNDS, BITCHES! (which I mean with the utmost love and respect)

Nick Miller Dancing is the appropriate response to this
Nick Miller Dancing is the appropriate response to this

For those who may not recall, I started my quest to 40 lbs. of weight loss in January with the eye on October 19 (our wedding date).  I actually started January 7, 2013, if you want to get specific.  I am far too embarrassed to tell you what the starting number was because ugh, but I will tell you that I had a BMI of 28.4 which is considered overweight.  It is the high end of overweight, anything 30 or above is considered obese.  So yeah, bad news bears.  I buckled down.  I began tracking my Weight Watchers points, weighed myself every morning, and made a date with Shaun T’s Insanity DVDs.  I also hit the gym for a bit in between with a few sessions with the trainer.   The first week I lost 5 lbs., but then the weight loss steadied and was a little bit more realistic.   On February 18, 2013 I weighed 10 lbs. less than when I started.  Now, I have 30 to go which seems still incredibly daunting.  The best way to think about it is I am a quarter of the way there.  3/4 is less daunting than 30.  It’s just good math.

At my absolute heaviest v.s Down 10 lbs
At my absolute heaviest vs.  Down 10 lbs

The Stats: 

  • Weight Lost:  10 lbs. down
  • Avg. Loss Per Week:  1.67 lbs.
  • BMI:  26.8 ( For those who don’t know 18.5-24.9 is considered the “normal” weight range.)
  • Inches lost:  I had my measurements taken about 7 lbs down when I ordered my wedding gown so I am going to wait to do an updated measurement at 20 lbs.

What I did right: 

I tracked my Weight Watchers points religiously.  That doesn’t mean that I always stuck to the daily recommended amount, but I only had one week where I actually went over my daily points, my weekly bonus points, and my activity points.  (It had to do with Valentine’s Day, wine, steak, and red velvet cookies.)  Even when I went over though, I tracked.  It held me accountable.  It made me pay attention to what I was putting into my body.  Once I was paying attention, I started making smarter choices.   I also am a bit of a cheap skate which translates great to WW points.  I looked at Mac N Cheese yesterday and was like, “Ugh! 17 points? Pass!”

But it is important to note, that I clearly never deprived myself what I really wanted.  I was able to eat steak, cookies, and drink wine without completely destroying my progress.   One of my lovely, smart friends said that Weight Watchers is great because no one really ever needs to know you are on the plan.  I completely agree.  I don’t have to send back bread, cut out sweets completely, or refuse any bites offered because of a major restriction.  It makes it much easier.  And I may have mentioned before, I picked Weight Watchers because I can’t be told I am not allowed to have something because it is all I want at that point.

I also worked out regularly.  Shaun T has become a regular in my house.  I have to say, the Insanity DVDs live up to the hype so far.  Granted life and sometimes laziness got in the way of completing the cycle in the first 30 days, but we finished the first cycle in 6 weeks rather than 4, and the results were definitely there.  I have two small complaints about the first 30 days of Insanity.  1)  It gets repetitive.  There are only a limited number of workouts and even though the program mixes up what days you do what, you are doing a lot of the same or similar exercises in each DVD.  2)  It’s great cardio, you sweat a lot, but the infomercials show a lot of really fit people rocking some serious muscles and abs.  Maybe it’s just me, but it doesn’t seem like there is enough in the way of strength to yield those sort of physiques.  Maybe the second set of DVDs will have more for me to build up my muscles.

What I did wrong:

You may have noticed the complete lack of running mentioned in this post thus far, and I have a race in April.  WHOOPS! Better get on that.  Brooks on this weekend, I promise.

Also, the complete lack of strength training.  I believe in weights, heavy ones.   I am a complete believer in the New Rules of Lifting for Women.  As a woman, it is very difficult to get bulky from weight lifting.  Usually, it just makes you looked toned and hot.  My problem is that I froze my gym membership while I get my firm off the ground to save some money, and I don’t really know how to strength train without the gym.  Suggestions are encouraged.  Please.

Not enough of the green stuff.  I have been great with staying within my points, but i have stunk at filling myself full of fruits and veggies.  Fresh produce is my preferred way to eat the good stuff, but it expensive and generally goes bad before we finish it.  The frozen stuff is not doing it for me.  I’ve got to work on this.

So ten pounds down, what’s different?

I truthfully don’t see much of a difference looking in the mirror, but the picture shows some change.  My friends and family notice, too. I just think I have so far to go that I am only focused on that.  My skin already looks better.  And the best, I now have four pairs of jeans that fit as opposed to the one pair I was rocking for the longest time.  As I am losing weight, I am getting back pieces of my closet I haven’t be able to wear in months, if not years.   I am pretty excited about it.

Any suggestions for the next 10 lbs?


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