Lunchtime Links

It’s Monday, and I am swamped! How does that always happen?  Let’s procrastinate anyway with some links!

  • ZOMG THE GAME OF THRONES SEASON 3  TRAILER!!!!! I cannot wait to see how they translate the chapter where Daenerys.. (gets shoved in locker by cool kid but continues to talk for 40 minutes about dragons)  Youtube
  • I did not watch the Oscars, but I do enjoy Jennifer Lawrence so here are some gifs of her being awesome last night.  Uproxx
  • Rumors are swirling around Barnes and Noble.  Most interesting, will they discontinue the Nook? (which I have and really like) digitalbookworld
  • Matt Ufford teaches you how to start a fight on the interwebs SBNation

I downloaded Buff Brides to read and subsequently use for at home strength training on the recommendation of one of my lovely friends who saw my post about my first ten pounds.  That is the book I will be reading at lunch.  Haha! Just kidding! I will be working til I die of exhaustion today.  Hooray!





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