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Plateau Hell

Hi Kids. Remember me? I used to blog here ages ago.  Well now I’m back with a super positive post title.

Last time we talked, I was on a high.  I had lost a quarter of the weight I needed to, and I was hoping to continue on my hot streak.  That was the end of February, and now, two months later, my total weight loss varies from day to day but topped off at 12.6 lbs.  2.6 in two months? Not okay.

I don't really have a picture to illustrate this other than Major looking kind of sad
I don’t really have a picture to illustrate this other than Major looking kind of sad

I am now less than 6 months from my wedding, with my dress fitting in August.  I needed to lose another 10 lbs before my fitting according to the size I ordered, and the scale is not moving.  It is incredibly frustrating.  I have battled the post-10 lb plateau before in my last few attempts at weight loss, and I ended up getting frustrated, giving in, and gaining all the weight back plus more.  I CANNOT let that happen.

Frustrated, I consulted some of my lovely friends and the interwebs for some tips on how to beat the dreaded plateau.  I also took a good honest look at what I had been doing in hopes of finding some reason for the dead stop in my weight loss.  Hopefully, what I noticed, the advice I got, and my plan for moving forward will help you get off your plateau, too.  Or maybe you have some advice for me? Let me know!

Nutrition wise, I really wasn’t doing great.  I was tracking, but I consistently was going over my allotted Weight Watchers points for the week.  For the first couple of weeks, that was fine because I had been eating SO poorly before that even occasionally going over my points was still better than what I had been doing.  Now I was going over a little bit more, and I wasn’t doing much to stop it.  I also was doing too much take out.  I don’t know what it is (salt and oil, probably), but even when I track take out, I gain weight.  I need to do it so sparingly for that reason.  Also, I have been neglecting the water. I am super duper salt sensitive.  So much so that doctors once thought I had circulation problems because I would get so swollen from too much salt.

I got some contradicting advice going forward.  Some suggesting I eat less meat, some suggesting I go more protein.  I am going to try more protein because while I am trying to limit myself to very lean meats and other proteins, eating veg is just not in the cards for me long term.  For lunches and the occasional dinner? Sure.  But I cannot do vegetarian weeks and carnivorous weekends, because I would  gorge myself on the weekend.  As I said before, I am not a deprivation diet kind of person.  Oh I can’t have meat? Just ate 4 cheeseburgers.  Whoops.

My plan is now to track religiously, and plan my meals in advance so I don’t see the big red negative numbers on my Weight Watchers online.  I am trying to do some lean protein with every meal.  I also am incorporating as much fresh veggies and fruit as  I can get my hands on.  I am going to do no more than two meals out a week.  I am including take out and drive thrus in that equation. Oh do I want a breakfast sandwich, or a dinner out with B?

There is too much negativity going on here so I do have to praise myself for one thing.  I have become a breakfast smoothie addict.  I am actually craving green smoothies when I wake up! Not bacon and eggs! (These are big wins for me, pretend to be impressed.)  I do baby spinach or kale, a banana, almond milk, a mixture of whatever fruit I have around, some ground flaxseed or an avocado, and agave syrup if it needs to be sweetened.

I didn't have spinach for the one on the right and was SAD about it! Who am I?
I didn’t have spinach for the one on the right and was SAD about it! Who am I?

As for fitness, I have actually been running.  Or rather, rocking some serious intervals.  I have a couple of reasons for this:   1)  I have read many times that running intervals encourages weight loss more than just straight running; 2) Running is super hard, and I have a mental block on just running straight for an hour plus; 3) I have been bringing my four legged running partner with me and the intervals are better for his little joints. Still, I have been going about three times a week, and I ran/walked a half marathon on Sunday. So pat me on the back for that one!

Me & my running partner
Me & my running partner

So while that sounds all well and good, I have been doing nothing else.  And as we know, running itself just ain’t cutting it for me. I am the girl who does a half and stays within her points and gains a pound.  (That happened.  A meltdown almost did immediately thereafter.)  I need to change up the routine because building muscles will help me burn calories at rest and bust through my plateau.

I also was told to change up my routine to shock my body out of the plateau.  My friend suggested grouponing a cross fit class or boot camp.  I have also heard great things about barre fitness so I am going to keep an eye out for those.  I don’t want to take on the cost of the trainer again right now so this may be the most cost effective way to go about changing it up.

Has anyone else gone through plateau hell?  Any tips for busting through it?


3 thoughts on “Plateau Hell

  1. I’m stuck with you! I have kind of been stagnate the past two weeks because I was super discouraged by the stupid scale being stuck bouncing between a 3 pound range and never below. Thank you for the inspiration to keep going and change it up!!!

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