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Can’t we just send emails? Wedding Paper Decisions

photo (14)
SAMPLES!  Our kitchen table makes us look like the most popular kids in town with all these wedding invites!

As you all (okay, both of you reading this) know, I am getting married in October.  Since we are just passed the six month mark it is now time to pick out our wedding invites.  I am super cheap, feel weddings are too expensive, and a little bit hate that my parents are spending all this money on one day so I am struggling with this a little.  Well, truthfully, I struggle with all the wedding stuff a little because of those feelings coupled with my desire to have a beautiful, fun wedding and be a mothereffin’ princess.  We decided invitations, while important, were not on the high priced ticket item list.  The only people holding on to them will probably be my mom, his mom, and me.  No one will remember what they look like the day after the wedding but for those people and maybe a few more.  (Unless they are hideous, because I still remember one invite I received where I was a total mean girl and judged the crap out of it.)

What we are really looking for is an elegant, expensive feeling, traditional invite.  I figure about 125 invitation sets. Our theme is a speakeasy/20s vibe, and our colors are blues with metallic gold. Does that mean I want a blue and gold invitation with booze on it? No.  I keep saying in planning this wedding, “theme, not costume.”  So preferably something with some art deco accents, or a 20s style font, with some blue and gold.  That is less important to me though than the invitation looking elegant.  I am debating a pocket because the pocket while easier for guests, is not as fun for me as a keepsake.  I can’t frame it or shadowbox it the same way I could a flat invitation, and ultimately, since it is for me, that matters.

Woof, that was a lot of words.  On to the paper!

photo (15)
LM Weddings, LLC

First up is LM Weddings, LLC.  It is a small company here in Jersey that is run by Lisa, who I went to the same college as me.  She came recommended from several of my sorority sisters who also had their invites and other wedding paper designed by Lisa. I didn’t actually order a sample from LM Weddings because, conveniently enough, I got an invite created by them in the mail with all my other samples. Her work is beautiful.   Her pricing is reasonable, pretty much in the middle of the range I have seen, and the perk of being a small business is you can get creative with things to meet a budget.  While it isn’t the cheapest, it is nice to be able to work with someone to customize to get what you really want. (See? Cheap girl vs. Princess) This is looking like it may be the happy medium.

LM Weddings LLC
LM Weddings LLC


Minted.Com Sample Kit
Minted.Com Sample Kit

I heard about through the lil house that could.  I went to the website, and I immediately ordered their sample kit, code: FREETRY.  In addition, they are currently have a promo where you can get 5 free samples by typing in the code 5FREE so I obviously did that.  The invitations were all beautifully made.  They gave samples of all of their different paper.  Their signature paper is great.  The pearl was also beautiful.  The museum board was nice, but felt too thick to me.  Good for crafting, rough for invites, and potentially heavy which might mean more postage.  Here’s the good stuff:  The quality is excellent.  They have an amazing variety of invitations which are easy to customize. Custom colors are free right now! They have the whole set (rsvp, directions, etc.) available to order in the same spot. (It is amazing to me how many places want you to search through the website for matching cards.)   The bad stuff? They are pricey. Every design I priced except one came in over $1,000.00. Nooooope. So unless I find a 50% off code, I am not using Minted.

My five free samples from
My five free samples from

My Gatsby Proof
My Gatsby Proof was a website my mother found in one of her many, many wedding magazines which appealed to her because of the name (right in our theme’s wheelhouse) and she liked the above design.  I played around and created one in our theme.  The price is right.  They are by far the cheapest, though we would have to do the guest addresses ourselves.  The art is not art deco, but it has a vintage, traditional feel.  Our colors add some custom elements without being too much.  My major hang up with this company is that I can’t seem to get a sample of the invite.  I contacted the company, but I haven’t heard back yet. I am super hesitant to pull the trigger on such a big purchase (even from the cheapest company) without a sample in my hand.

photo (20) did our Save the Dates which were – SURPRISE- magnets.  Because of that and the name, I was surprised that their invitation options were as nice as they were. I did not love the fold over invitation, but the more traditional sort of petal invite was beautiful.  They offer a ton of options to customize the designs without extra charge.  The website is convenient and all your sets and extras can be purchased and edited together, but none of their designs really did it for me.  They are a little high, but not astronomical.  I played around with some options and always rang in at like $900, and these included address labels and multiple info cards.  I think they were good, but not great.  I do love the Save the Dates though.

photo (21)
Wedding Paper Divas

Wedding Paper Divas were also recommended by a friend, particularly because they were running a 50% off on $100 special through which unfortunately has expired.  I ordered my free sample from them in the pearl style paper because it resembled my dress a bit, but the pearl paper is $.10 per card which adds up.   While the invite itself was pretty, it wasn’t my favorite.  I also found that there wasn’t much variety on the site, and this wasn’t exactly what I would want.  Finally, my biggest pet peeve was that you have to search around for matching items on the site.  It is a set! Let me order them all at once!  Frustrating.  But these were on the cheaper side, and if you scored a giltcity or similar deal, they would have been the least expensive ones I found with all free customization.   I just don’t think they were inexpensive enough for me to ignore the things that annoyed me about the lack of variety.


Any invitation thoughts? Any major suggestions?  Let me know! I need help!


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