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Stay Hungry

“Stay hungry. Stay Foolish.”

Steve Jobs famously said this to a group of Stanford grads.  He stole it from a magazine so I don’t mind stealing it from him.

I have had a problem staying hungry literally and figuratively of late.

Since my last plateau busting celebration piece, I have been getting a little lax in my tracking and eating right.  In Weight Watchers meetings, they used to say that you should eat until you reach a satisfied feeling, not the super stuffed, OMG I AM GOING TO EXPLODE point that I often found myself at in the last few years.  But ever since I reached that 15+ lbs of weight loss, I have been letting those old habits creep back in.  Now I have another couple of weeks where I have essentially plateaued due to not eating right.  My weight loss reached an all time high of 18.8 lbs, but since then I find myself in the range of 16-18 lbs depending on the day.  The problem I am having is that I associate a lot of summer fun with food.  Outdoor brunches, BBQs, and lots of booze.  Now with our yearly family trip to the Outer Banks impending ( a trip that I have previously gained 7 lbs on during our one week stay.  Seriously, I’m so gross), I am petrified about my own self-control, my commitment to my goal, and let’s be real, that dress fitting in August.

Beautiful Days call for big meals and mimosas? Maybe not every single one should.
Beautiful Days call for big meals and mimosas? Maybe, not every single one should?

So I have decided to make Steve’s words my new mantra for my weight loss.  Now nobody freak out.  (And by nobody, I mean my three loved ones who read this blog. ) I don’t mean stay hungry like deprive yourself and/or be starving all the time.  I mean it like don’t give into the fake hunger.  The bored hunger, the stress hunger, or the all too familiar mouth hunger. What is mouth hunger?  I think I invented it, but it is when you want to taste something because you know you enjoy it, but you aren’t actually hungry and don’t actually want to consume it.  “That pie is just sitting there, and I looooove that kind. I have to have some. Just a whole slice with ice cream for the taste.”

Also, I am staying hungry for my goal.  I know that to reach my fitness/weight goal, I need to lose another 22-24 lbs.  That will bring me back to where I was the fittest and healthiest in my adult life.  So I am staying hungry.  Hungry to be on the beach and not feel embarrassed.  Hungry to have my health. Hungry to run my 10k on July 20 without having to walk.   Hungry to not be ashamed of how I look on my wedding day.

Honestly, it is easier said than done. So here is my  Summer strategy, especially during  beach week:

TRACK EVERYTHING!!! (I am yelling at myself because it is that important!):  Tracking works.  It isn’t a debate.  It is a straight up fact. I need to stay within my points.  I need to track every bite that goes into my mouth because I will think more critically and make better choices when I am writing it down.  Yeah, part of it is guilt, but turns out I should feel a little guilty about eating 10 oreos because I just got home and was too lazy to make a salad.

MORNING WORKOUTS:  I am the ultimate procrastinator when it comes to working out.  I will do anything else.  My work is all done.  My house is clean.  The dog is groomed.  Anything to put it off, until the sun goes down or the class is over. So this week began 6am workouts.  So far B & I have been back at Insanity and again, I already see a difference.  When I get my butt to the beach, I will be rocking 6am runs.  There are a couple of  other reasons AM workouts are the way to go for me:  1) Working out/running hungover is the WORST so I will be less likely to drink to excess (and ingest all those empty calories); 2) AM workouts help put me on a good track for the day.  If I am already being healthy, I am less likely to ruin it later; and 3 it takes away the it’s too hot, I’m going to die excuse.  I am not a morning person at all, but I can’t argue with this stuff or the results.

EASE  UP ON THE BOOZE:  For some reason, I am a way bigger drinker when it is nice out.  In the cold weather, I like a glass or two of red wine on most nights.  I will still go out and drink, but I am not killing bottles of wine or 6 packs of beer on a Wednesday.  I’m also not drinking during the day as much.  In the summer, drinking outside is an all day affair.  Even weeknight dinners are longer because of the extra sunlight and involve a few more beers or glasses of wine.  At the beach, forget it.  Beer drinking is an all day affair. (7 pounds worth of all day drinking!)  I have already cut back a bit on the weekday drinking. My biggest challenge though, especially for the beach, is to not just drink alcohol.  I’m still going to drink, but I’m not going to make alcohol my only form of hydration (which is super dumb since it dehydrates you).  Same goes for brunch and any other outdoor fun.  Those liquid calories are not going to get me this year.

MOVE IT:  I don’t mean work out.  Often in the summer, I find myself parked in a beach chair, at a picnic table,  or on a couch in some air conditioning. Part of the reason was that I was embarrassed by how I looked moving around, playing party games, or just being in the world.  I felt like people would notice less that I was a whale if I was beached.  But part of the reason it seems like only skinny people are playing volleyball on the beach or surfing is because they are getting skinny by doing those things.  So while I will be spending some time lounging.  I promise to not spend all summer on my butt.

My mom at our Memorial Day Wiffle Ball game.  It gets intense.
My mom at our Memorial Day Wiffle Ball game. It gets intense.

KEEP THINKING:  I have to constantly keep why I am doing this in the front of my mind.  It will keep me critical of what I am eating and doing.  It will keep me on track.

So that’s  my “Stay Hungry” summer strategy, what’s yours?

Major is curious
Major is curious

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