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I didn’t gain 7 lbs in a week: Vacation Recap

So if you read my last post, you know that I was psyching myself up for my vacation and not gaining a ton of weight while still enjoying the family fun in the sun.  Well, spoiler alert, I did it!  The itinerary was the following:

1) my wonderful sorority sister’s wedding

On the left, I'm at a wedding just about a year ago.  On the right, I'm at the wedding I was at on vacation.  Same Dress.  So yeah, I guess I do see the 18 lbs of weight loss in this pic.  Do You?
On the left, I’m at a wedding just about a year ago. On the right, I’m at the wedding I was at on vacation. Same Dress. So yeah, I guess I do see the 18 lbs of weight loss in this pic. Do You? My little makes an appearance in both photos.

I was so excited that the dress looked/fit so much better that my whole wedding experience was made better by it.  I also behaved because of it.  I ate everything I wanted to, but I made sure not to stuff myself.  I also knew we had a 9 hour drive coming up so both B and I kept our alcohol consumption low so we wouldn’t be miserable.  (The wedding was beautiful and so fun, and I love my sorority sisters so much, but that is all for another post!)

2) 9 hour drive to North Carolina

Major in the Car
Major in the Car refusing to take his turn driving.

The Road Trip can be the bane of diet existence.  Fast food, candy, sodas, sitting on your butt.  We had lots of candy, thanks to Lynn & Kevin’s candy goodie bags! But we did water, no other snacks, and no fast food.  We decided to hold out for real North Carolina BBQ.  Turns out the BBQ place wasn’t great, but it was real food as opposed to loaded with sodium fast food.  We didn’t use the “oh it’s vacation” excuse to fill up on tons of empty calories. McDonald’s four times in a day is not worth it.

3) 6 days of OBX beach fun

So I was more active than I have ever been on vacation.  We played a little soccer.  I went for walks.  I ran 4 times which I was SO PROUD of myself for doing because I did it after the beach each day, which also meant I didn’t have 10 beers at the beach each day. There was a flipcup/beer pong tournament that wasn’t a super healthy move on my part, but whatever.    I kept my snacking down (except for when the Pringles got broken out- trigger food.)  When it was our turn to do dinner, we did shrimp and salad with a potato side.  All in all it was a great success! Enjoy some random pics from the vacay!

2013-07-02 13.16.33 2013-07-02 14.08.09 2013-07-02 14.09.14 2013-07-02 15.40.30 2013-07-03 14.32.06 2013-07-03 14.41.05 2013-07-03 14.41.10 2013-07-04 10.57.33 2013-07-04 11.51.33 2013-07-04 11.55.23 2013-07-04 17.09.12 2013-07-06 09.53.39

4) 9 hour drive back to Jersey

This suuuuuuucked.  We did it after a great beach day, and the daunting drive and vacation over aspect of the day lead to , a Sonic Hot Dog, Tots, Popcorn Chicken, McDonald’s fries and a McFlurry.  Basically, the Supermodel diet.

5) one day to recover

On Sunday, after a long sleep to make up for the 9 hour drive, I saw the damage: 4 lbs.  Not great, but not 7 so progress.  But I didn’t freak out, because I knew most of that damage had to do with the way I ate on the drive back.  On Sunday I ate real food again, not loaded with salt. By Monday, I was down 1.6 lbs.  Tuesday, I was down another pound.  Today, I am down 4.8 lbs from my Sunday weight.  WOOOOOOOO!

I was plateauing a bit before we left so I am actually .8 up from my lowest weight since I started this weight loss journey. I’m at 18 lbs. today.  Now with 101 (WHAT?!) days to go before the wedding, 6 days before our engagement shoot, and about a month before my dress fitting, I am newly energized to get myself fit and get this weight down.   I saw this quote on pinterest, and I am trying to keep it in mind:

Discipline is just choosing


what you want now


what you want most.

I’ll keep you updated how I’m doing! Let me know how you are doing because I love it!


2 thoughts on “I didn’t gain 7 lbs in a week: Vacation Recap

  1. YaY!!!! Congratulations!!! You look great and I can absolutely see the difference! Rock on!!! I am still in the plateau, but this week I started a new weight lifting plan so I’m hoping that the change up will trigger a little something different. We will see, but haven’t gained it back so I’m doing well there!!

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