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Hello… It’s Mea Culpa

  Well, look who is back. Surely, she has come to sing the praises of almost three years of completely healthy living and keeping the weight off. Her home is right out of Better Homes & Gardens, and she is shortlisted for Justice Scalia’s open seat on the highest court in the land. Yeah… Not… Continue reading Hello… It’s Mea Culpa

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Stay Hungry

“Stay hungry. Stay Foolish.” Steve Jobs famously said this to a group of Stanford grads.  He stole it from a magazine so I don’t mind stealing it from him. I have had a problem staying hungry literally and figuratively of late. Since my last plateau busting celebration piece, I have been getting a little lax… Continue reading Stay Hungry

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Can’t we just send emails? Wedding Paper Decisions

As you all (okay, both of you reading this) know, I am getting married in October.  Since we are just passed the six month mark it is now time to pick out our wedding invites.  I am super cheap, feel weddings are too expensive, and a little bit hate that my parents are spending all… Continue reading Can’t we just send emails? Wedding Paper Decisions