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Hello… It’s Mea Culpa

  Well, look who is back. Surely, she has come to sing the praises of almost three years of completely healthy living and keeping the weight off. Her home is right out of Better Homes & Gardens, and she is shortlisted for Justice Scalia’s open seat on the highest court in the land. Yeah… Not… Continue reading Hello… It’s Mea Culpa

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Finally!!! 20 Pounds of Weight Loss ( Plus 1 for Good Luck!)

Hi Kids!  It’s a happy post because I have managed to lose 21 lbs and maintain for a couple of days.  Oh what’s that? 21 lbs.? What does that look like?   The Stats:  Weight Lost:  21 lbs.  down.  When I went to Kleinfeld’s, I was told I needed to lose another 10-15 lbs. for… Continue reading Finally!!! 20 Pounds of Weight Loss ( Plus 1 for Good Luck!)

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I didn’t gain 7 lbs in a week: Vacation Recap

So if you read my last post, you know that I was psyching myself up for my vacation and not gaining a ton of weight while still enjoying the family fun in the sun.  Well, spoiler alert, I did it!  The itinerary was the following: 1) my wonderful sorority sister’s wedding I was so excited that… Continue reading I didn’t gain 7 lbs in a week: Vacation Recap

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Stay Hungry

“Stay hungry. Stay Foolish.” Steve Jobs famously said this to a group of Stanford grads.  He stole it from a magazine so I don’t mind stealing it from him. I have had a problem staying hungry literally and figuratively of late. Since my last plateau busting celebration piece, I have been getting a little lax… Continue reading Stay Hungry

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Just a Quick Celebration Post! I beat the Plateau!

I think I can finally, FINALLY say that I have broken through the evil, horrible Plateau!  I was hesitant to write this until I was sure but about two weeks of actual weight loss leads me to believe I can finally celebrate.  I have broken through the 12.6 lbs. wall, and I am now rocking… Continue reading Just a Quick Celebration Post! I beat the Plateau!

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Plateau Hell

Hi Kids. Remember me? I used to blog here ages ago.  Well now I’m back with a super positive post title. Last time we talked, I was on a high.  I had lost a quarter of the weight I needed to, and I was hoping to continue on my hot streak.  That was the end… Continue reading Plateau Hell

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Ten Pounds Down!!! The Recap

Sorry for the lag in posting!  Trials and real life are annoying!  However, during the real life lack of posting, I hit my first major milestone in my weight loss. TEN POUNDS, BITCHES! (which I mean with the utmost love and respect) For those who may not recall, I started my quest to 40 lbs.… Continue reading Ten Pounds Down!!! The Recap