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Plateau Hell

Hi Kids. Remember me? I used to blog here ages ago.  Well now I’m back with a super positive post title. Last time we talked, I was on a high.  I had lost a quarter of the weight I needed to, and I was hoping to continue on my hot streak.  That was the end… Continue reading Plateau Hell


Lunchtime Links

Prepping a couple of interesting (I think)  posts for later today, but in the meantime, here are some links! Marriage advice from A Practical Wedding This dude is a Stand Up Comedian/Judge.  Well, for now at least.  Above the Law A call for the return of illustrated books New Yorker Because I love Colt McCoy,… Continue reading Lunchtime Links


Lunchtime Links

It’s Monday, and I am swamped! How does that always happen?  Let’s procrastinate anyway with some links! ZOMG THE GAME OF THRONES SEASON 3  TRAILER!!!!! I cannot wait to see how they translate the chapter where Daenerys.. (gets shoved in locker by cool kid but continues to talk for 40 minutes about dragons)  Youtube I did not… Continue reading Lunchtime Links

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You are What You Eat: Meal planning for the week ahead

Has anyone ever heard that obnoxious fact that your weight is 70% diet and 30% exercise?  Until I turned 26 that was not totally true for me.  My metabolism was such that so long as I was putting serious time into the gym, I could eat pretty much whatever without serious weight gain.  Sure my… Continue reading You are What You Eat: Meal planning for the week ahead

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Lunchtime Links that You can also use to Waste Your Weekend

Okay so if you are an East Coaster like me, it’s a little late for lunch.  Somebody refused to wait and required a walk at lunch. So let’s get to it, and if you are on the East Coast of the US (or somewhere in the world where lunch has passed), screw it and enjoy… Continue reading Lunchtime Links that You can also use to Waste Your Weekend

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Ten Pounds Down!!! The Recap

Sorry for the lag in posting!  Trials and real life are annoying!  However, during the real life lack of posting, I hit my first major milestone in my weight loss. TEN POUNDS, BITCHES! (which I mean with the utmost love and respect) For those who may not recall, I started my quest to 40 lbs.… Continue reading Ten Pounds Down!!! The Recap


Lunchtime Links!

Almost wasn’t going to be available to post these, but the Judge gave us a continuance at my trial which I have been up for since 4:30 a.m. EST.  Since I was high pressure all morning, I think these links will be especially fun, brain candy… Typical Day of a Teenaged Girl in the 90s… Continue reading Lunchtime Links!